‘If not us, then who?' is the starting point for all our ventures. It is the impetus behind any new creation. That and our burning desire to leave our footprints, however small, in the sands of time. Our shared goals as a company are centered on making a difference and embody the change we want to see in the world. As each effort brings us one step closer to realizing our dreams, we are constantly on the move, evolving and creating something new.

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For all Your Digital Dreams

A one stop destination for digitizing your dreams. Our expertise is in customizing our services to cater to your unique digital demands. We offer a wide range of services - Branding, Web Development, Digital Strategy & Execution, Content Marketing, Campaign Management, Insights & Analytics, and cutting-edge technologies like Augmented & Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things. The tools we develop are user-friendly, secure, high-performing and scalable as your business expands.

We embrace a solid client centric approach and believe that a true partnership is a two-way street where ideas and information flow freely and often on the basis of mutual trust and respect for each another's competence.

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Play and Earn.

Kookies is a monthly-subscription based gaming app with a digital wallet that allows you to cash your play. It has been thoughtfully curated with your interests in mind to be a highly secure gaming platform that supports popular games. Download, Register and Play. Earn without worrying about winning. Additionally, take part in monthly tournaments and win attractive cash rewards.